Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keep Your Lip Tender And Sexy In Winter

Accompanied by cold wind, the weather becomes dry up. Your tender lip gets waterish sense as before,simultaneously dry, split lip appears and while smiling gently,you will find small thin lines emerging on corners of your mouth. Such a big change has occurred on your lip,so how can you care for your soft lip in this winter? Here I recommend several popular lip-moisturizing products to keep your lip remain tender and sexy in winter.

Carmex Click Stick

Effectiveness of the product: Carmex Click Stick can rapidly restore baldness, chaping, peeling, frostbite, burns and other issues, and has got annual award from Pharmacy Times,the special medical magazine of U.S.It has continued to be the best brand for lip maintenance in consumers’ memory for four years,giving you the best protection for nutrition and keeping moisture,furthermore repairing your injured lip by 100%.

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Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

Effectiveness of the product: Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 is the best nourishment product for nursing chapped lips, including ease factor, moisturizing ingredients, vitamins and ultraviolet component isolation (SPF15), giving your ripe lip soft and comfortable feeling.

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L'Occitane-Baume Levres Lip Balm

Effectiveness of the products: L'Occitane-Baume Levres Lip Balm not only has a major economic value and social significance, but is also a mysterious beauty product, including shea butter ingredient,having the results of repair, nourishment,and keeping moisture for your lip.

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LA MER-Lip Cream

Effectiveness of the product: LA MER-Lip Cream,a patent lip grease complex,is the first defense line for protecting your lip, whilst giving your lip nourishment, increasing the moisture barrier of it, and preventing damage from the outside world. Antifreeze protein from the Arctic Ocean can help your lips ward off the hot and cold. Cool mint can ease the discomfort of your lip, simultaneously bringing you fresh and cool feeling.

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