Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Supply Water And Then Whiten Your Skin

In fact, the process of whitening is also the process of cleaning and updating skin,but getting rid of the old cuticle will make your skin relatively dry, and dry skin is very easy to produce melanin,so you need to add nutrients and moisture in good time. Keeping moisture is the basic assignment that you need to do for any skin and any season, therefore how to give consideration to both whitening and moisturizing is also the topic that whitening people concern.

With the advent of winter, your skin becomes dry because of lower humidity.The new metabolism has slowed, leading to the accumulation of injured skin cells so that the skin’s capability to preserve water reduces, thus creating the appearance of dry skin. Only by applying on wet skin can the whitening components be accepted most widely and quickly by your skin,and the products can develop the maximum whitening effect.To whiten and keep moisture, you need to learn how to use beauty " water." Water is a sacred object of beauty.It can help the body to eliminate toxins and increase new metabolism.If you can adhere to drink eight glasses of water every day, melanin in your skin is not easy to deposit and form splash. You may drink cool water on an empty stomach when waking up early in the morning,and if you put lemon-chip in water, cosmetic effect will be more obvious. Meanwhile, You can also drink a small cup of water thirty minutes before going to bed at night, making it fully accepted by cells, so that you can effectively prevent wrinkle formation.
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