Wednesday, December 10, 2008

9 Small Unique Skills: Change Skin To White By Practising For 5 Minutes Daily

In fact, beauty is not difficult, you don’t need to do maintenance by looking at formula according to the standard of experts, simply catch hold of the point, a little change can make you naturally beautiful. Below I sum up 9 simple things of beauty, just follow them, the results of becoming beautiful are not small.

No.1 : Wash your face accurately.

Based on the survey, more than 70 percent of the women don’t choose the suitable facial products, and the wash method also has different levels of mistakes. So you should adjust your method in time, or else daily care errors will damage your skin so that any cosmetics will not have any effect.

No.2 :You need to learn to sleep.

You may scoff – does sleep need to be studied? However, ignoring the maintenance of the night will make your skin age equals to your real age multiply 1.2. That is why the beauty and cosmetics group has unprecedentedly chosen the concept of "maintenance time, late-night beauty" again.Effective sleep makes you have 8 more hours’ maintenace than others every day.

No.3: Frequent laugh can adjust endocrine initiatively.Putting on a "Balsam pear" every day will make your skin cells lack of nutrients, your facial skin will be dry and lusterless, wrinkles will appear, and it will deepen the "unhappy lines" in your face.Wear a smile, younger for 10 years. Fluctuation of the mood does an important thing for endocrine balance. A woman with a moderate and chastisable heart is beautiful, but that is just a psychological impression.

No.4: Don’t drink tea after dinner

Iron is the major component to make your look appear red in white,mixed with dietetic invigoration. Drink after a meal also has knowledge. Vitamin C can promote the acceptance of iron.Citrus such as orange, grapefruit juice is the best,but voluntarily oxidized coffee or tea will make the intake of nutrients go to collapse. So, drinking no tea after dinner will make your look white and touching.

No. 5: UV Protcect, 1 thing equals to 10000

I only use a data to define the necessity for UV protection. - The latest survey data of Europe and the United States indicates that a woman who insists on sunscreen every day will appear 13 years younger than her real age in 50 years old, -- That is, it looks no more than 37 years old. Know the seriousness of the problems! Quickly participate in UV protection.

No. 6: Prevent the incident of facial injury by using cosmetics.

Little girls eager to beauty, often make their faces as "experimental fields" for skin-care products and cosmetics.Thus, pox, angiotelectasia and brown complexion produce. Only a reasonable selection of cosmetics will not dig a trap for yourself.

No. 7: Control oil so that the face will be cleaner.

Oily face looks dirty, no matter what color your skin is, it looks dirty. In fact, the mysterious "oil gland" is like a water pipe. You should treat it like the faucet emitting water from time to time in your house,making an effective protection of the pipeline.

No. 8: Try to put off different brands of skin-care products.

There is a misrepresentation about mixed using skin-care products among many people, that you should all use a brand from face wash to night frost. In fact, basically mixed using skin-care products will not adversely affect the formation of the skin, but beneficial to the skin to add the necessary nutrients.Because every skin-care brand has my own strength, I also have an originality on skin-protecting nutrient formula, mixed using different brands of skin-care products can complement each other in the form of nutrients.

No. 9: You can improve your look by chewing gum.

By the confirmation of the clinical trial of Dr. Fox, director of the Los Angeles facial nerve Medical Center, people who chew gum 15-20 minutes every day will reduce facial wrinkles a few weeks later.Their faces will become increasingly white. In daily life, tasting sugarcane, gluten,etc. will also play the same role.

stressbuster: Appropriate daily meditation can help you drive away stress and fatigue.

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