Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Using Food For Whitening In The Winter

Their pursuit of beauty and white is never-ending, they apply left circle C facial mask in spring, summer, autumn and winter, searching whitening food, carrying parasols, adverting to make their skin appear "white" when wearing clothes.This group of white paranoia does feet homework early in winter every year, with inner and outside upkeep plus protection,making whitening come faster and more quickly.

"Food" is the first in white chain

Don’t think that only "face" effort to do the feet will regain you a white,clean and pretty face. Beauty is always from inside to outside, and food is definitely the one you can never ignore in whitening chains. Edible whitening food is gradually becoming the new pet in whitening people. Milk, eggs, tofu, fish, and other less coloring food can make melanin discharge voluntarily, reducing burden of internal organs. At the same time,you should reduce eating dark food or drinks, such as the dark tea, cola, coffee and chocolate.Still you should eat less food with strong sensitive capability, such as caraway, carrots, celery.Vitamin C, protein and minerals, vitamin A are all good nutrition roots of whitening skin. As a result, it is best to eat raw food when you consume fruits and vegetables containing these ingredients. If you can’t eat raw food,you can cook soup instead.

Whitening recommendation: Vitamin C, almonds, pearl powder, soy milk

Recommendation 1: Vitamin C

Vitamin C has the function of whitening, but the best vitamin C is contained in vitamin C capsules, or froth vitamin C tablet, which is the one frothing and dissolving when threw in the water, but you have to eat morning and evening. Due to excessive intake of vitamin C will be discharged along with urine, and not be accumulated in your body,it has no harm for you to add some more at night when needed.

Recommendation 2: Almond

Almond is like vitamin C,should be drunk every day.Whitening effect can be seen very quickly when you put almond powder into milk or soy milk and drink every day.

Recommendation 3: pearl powder

There is some packaged pearl powder sold in the market.You can also get good whitening effect by taking it morning and evening every day. Pearl powder can also be besmeared on facial mask to apply on your face, added inside lip balm to protect your lip, or added in hand cream to protect your hand.

Recommendation 4: soy milk

Soy milk can not only whiten but also supply strength. Assuming that you eat little meat, or are often out of spirits when getting up in the morning, you can drink a glass of hot soy milk containing a raw egg after getting up.Don’t add sugar if you are afraid of becoming fat.

stressbuster: Listening to music is a nice way to eliminate fatique

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