Monday, January 12, 2009

How to maintain hair in winter?

loss in
is more than any other season.This is because people sweat excessively in
and water in their bodies doesn’t get enough supply in the dry winter,which resulting in reduced secretion of the sebaceous glands.The bodies’ blood is not conciliated, too.Subsequently,
becomes dry, hair can’t get gloss and falls off. In addition, the summer solarization and ultraviolet radiation, swimming too much, shampooing hair too many times, sleeping late and so on, are all the causes of losing hair in winter.

Then how to maintain hair in winter?

Please pay attention to some small details of life:

1. Use the horny or wooden comb to hackle your hair,preventing the static electricity of plastic comb from harming your hair.

2. Perm and dye your hair less and control the number of shampoo.Select a moderate shampoo with low alkaline.Before and after Shampoo, use your fingers to massage your scalp quietly to promote the blood circulation of your head and improve the sebum secretion. When massaging, you should knead your scalp quietly in accordance with the direction of scalp blood flowing to your heart and process according to the sequence of your forehead,bob, sideburns, neck, bob on the back of your head.Because massage can promote the secretion of oils and fats, energize gently when you have oily hair while adding a little more weight when you have dry hair.

3. Participate in activities and adhere to temper. This is a tip to strengthen your body, but also the one to protect your hair. Because regular activity is one of the best way to eliminate panic, and panic is the main reason for bad hair problem,then you have to pay attention to combine work with relaxation and properly engage in outdoor activities. Mood of excitement will help hair grow.

4. It is necessary to ensure both the quality and the time of your sleep.Lie early and get up early,and have enough essence and blood so as not to lose your hair. 11 pm till 6 am is the best time for reserving your strength.5. Diet benefiting your hair should be rich in content of vitamins and minerals and low in content of saturated fatty acid, such as green vegetables, fruits and food with high protein content such as fish, poultry, lean pork,beef,mutton and so on. Modern nutrient scientists confirmed that lacking of iron, copper and other minerals will cause prematurely gray hair.They should eat animal liver, egg yolk, black sesame, walnut, soybean, etc.; people losing hair too much should supply protein,calcium, iron , sulfur and other trace elements, such as black beans, eggs, milk, black sesame and other food. In addition, eating too many sweets or fat will lead to biased acidic blood so your hair will be dry and discolored,while eating more fresh vegetables and fruits is one of the most effective ways to protect your hair.

6.Prevent sun exposure. Excessive solarization will dry and discolor your hair, so you’d better take a hat or an umbrella when going out in summer. Assuming that you need to swim in the beach, you should pay more attention to protect your hair.Because salinity in the seawater is the enemy of your hair. If your hair contains salt,it is more able to accept the ultraviolet radiation of sunlight, so that the level of hair damage and injuries will grow several times.The preventive method is:Smear some hair oil on your hair in advance to protect your hair.Furthermore,you need to wear an impervious swimming cap and wash your hair clean after swimming.

7. Prevent injuring your hair. Inappropriate disposal of your hair will form the potential damage. Dying hair, perm, crimping or straightening hair must be in accordance with the requests carefully. Perm is only fit for people with relatively good condition of hair, but two perms should be at least three months away, preferably more than half a year. Because the lotion of perm has damage for hair quality, repeated use will cause your hair lose luster and elasticity, as well as yellowing shrunk. Try to select a hairstyle with large and few designs so that the reborn straight hair and scalded curl hair will not have too many clear distinctions, and furthermore, hair can adhere to the original hairstyle for a long period of time after doing and blowing. Assuming that you choose a hairstyle with more and minute designs,when the reborn hair grows,an obvious contrast will be formed between it and permed hair and it’ll damage the original hairstyle,so it is difficult to attain the original results by doing and blowing alone.So don't arbitrarily use hair-adding agents and carefully select hair-care cosmetics.Assuming that you don’t understand the function of hair-care cosmetics,don’t use them arbitrarily, otherwise they will damage your hair.You should consult a professional beautician before using them.